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  • Benton Medical Center

    Benton Medical Center

    • 662-224-8951
    • 15921 Boundary Drive
      Ashland, MS 38603
    • Started in 1984 in an old lumberyard building in Ashland, MS, Benton Medical Center has been serving the people as Benton County and its surrounding areas ever since. Home to the corporate headquarters of NMPHC, this site was the start of it all. We continue to provide high quality affordable healthcare to the North Mississippi area as well as some parts of Tennessee and Alabama. Stop by to see our highly qualified and caring staff for all your medical needs today!

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  • Walnut Medical Center

    Walnut Medical Center

    • 662-223-4011
    • 531 Main Street
      Walnut, MS 38683
    • Starting in 1993, through a federal grant opportunity, NMPHC expanded its offerings to the residents of Walnut in Tippah County. Our clinic here has grown and become a bedrock of quality healthcare in Walnut and its surrounding areas.

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  • Ripley Health Care Associates

    Ripley Health Care Associates

    • 662-837-0000
    • 749 S Line Street
      Ripley, MS 38663
    • In 1995 NMPHC and a local family doctor, Dr. Dwalia South, struck an agreement to begin offering all services at a site in Ripley. After 2 successful years of managing this facility an agreement was made in 1997 to purchase the clinic site and fully incorporate it into the NMPHC umbrella. Dr. South remains with the organization and, along with family nurse practitioner Lashundra Hall, continues to deliver the highest level of care for patients in the Ripley and surrounding areas.

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  • Booneville Community Health Center

    Booneville Community Health Center

    • 662-728-3313
    • 208 North First Street
      Booneville, MS 38829
    • Valentine's Day, 2000 saw the opening and further expansion of NMPHC and its services into the Booneville area. With an outstanding community college in town, NMPHC feels proud and honored to serve all the medical and mental health needs of the Booneville area.

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  • Corinth Community Health Center

    Corinth Community Health Center

    • 662-396-4406
    • 1415 South Harper Rd
      Corinth, MS 38834
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  • Tishomingo Health Care Associates

    Tishomingo Health Care Associates

    • 662-471-9416
    • 1310 Main St.
      Tishomingo, MS 38873
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  • New Albany Health Care Associates

    New Albany Health Care Associates

    • 662-598-0007
    • 488 W Bankhead St
      New-Albany, MS 38652
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  • Oxford Health Care Associates

    Oxford Health Care Associates

    • 662-715-3335
    • 2716 W. Oxford Loop Suite 171
      Oxford, MS
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  • NMPHC Wellness Center

    NMPHC Wellness Center

    • 662-502-3164
    • 16025 Boundary Dr.
      Ashland2, MS 38603
  • Regional Training Facility

    Regional Training Facility

    • R1pley, MS 38663
    • We are proud to announce the upcoming Regional Training Facility for use in keeping our staff up-to-date on the latest in medical treatment and protocols.

      We also plan to use this facility for training opportunities for other medical providers and staff as well as health training for our community.

      Watch a LIVE construction camera here!